Monday, June 2, 2014

Team Set Singles: The Bane of Player Collectors

One of the more irritating common needs from my Jack Wilson collection is the array of Topps Team Set singles from various years.  I've snagged a few here and there, including a Mariners team set that she surprised me with during her time living in Seattle.

But in general, I find it tough to justify paying a few bucks for what amounts to an over-glorified base card, particularly when the team set card contains the same photo as the Flagship card.  But I'm a little more willing to make an exception if the photo is unique.  It's almost like a different card entirely, rather than just the same ole same ole with a different number on the back.

I was doing some late night ebay browsing the other night and doing my regular Jack Wilson search.  Right at the top of the newly listed auctions was this guy, at a very cheap BIN price.

The card is from the 2010 Mariners team set, and is a card that I can't remember seeing before, even at an insanely high BIN price.  For a little over $1 delivered, I couldn't hit the BIN fast enough.

While it isn't the greatest photo, and actually pales to the photo on the Flagship card from that year, it's one of only a few M's cards that featured Jack.
Regular 2010 Topps Jack Wilson
The real crazy thing?  I'm more excited about this new pickup than any auto or insert I've added to my collection in recent months.  The team collector in me may never be satisfied, but the 13 year old player collector in me couldn't be happier.


  1. Cool.....You don't see much from Jack in the Mariners uniform.

    1. Not counting parallels, he only had Mariners cards in '09 Update, '10 & '11 Topps, and 09 Heritage Update. Not that he played all that well there, but I was surprised how few cards he had after leaving Pittsburgh.