Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Love the 90's

I've lamented this countless times on this blog, but perhaps the one biggest downside (for me) in the past two decades of losing baseball was that the Bucs were largely excluded from every cool 90's insert set.  There are fantastic sets out there that leave player collectors of the big name players from the decade still chasing hard to find inserts a decade and a half later. 

But even without the super insert goodness, there are some sweet cards from the 90's.  The players on the cards are just a little less exciting...
 Can you see why I'm excited about a new Pinnacle release?  I have found dozens of the Starburst and Museum Collection cards in dime boxes, but the Pirates always seem to elude me.
 Speaking of resurrected brands, I know people have mixed opinions on the new Leaf.  I'm not a big fan of repack products in general, but I have enjoyed the original products Leaf has released.  In a different hobby landscape, I'd like to see what they could do with an actual MLB (or evan MLBPA) license.  Perhaps some day.
Oh, these guys used to exist too.  Upper Deck had the market pretty much cornered on high end products since the late 90's.  Even without logos, I'm curious to see how their Fleer Retro baseball product turns out.  The set looked great in hockey and football, even though the Penguin and Pitt Panther starpower in the set have put the cards a little out of my price range.

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