Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

The throwback uniform knows no bounds.  Literally.

The Altoona Curve franchise has only been around for 15 years, all of which have been affiliated with the Bucs.  But for their 10th anniversary, the team felt the need to have some spiffy throwback unis.  Tough to do when you don't actually have anything to throw back to, right?

But the club, known for their creativity in the marketing department (a sharp distinction from their parent club), couldn't be bound by the constraints of space and time.  Instead, they created 1920's era throwback uniforms for a club that wouldn't be birthed until the end of the century.

All kidding aside, I really like the look.  One-time Rule 5 draftee Kyle Bloom models the jersey nicely, displaying the re-imagined logo, cream colored jersey, font, and arm patch.

I think the uni draws well upon the town's railroad heritage, while still holding true to the spirit and style of the era's minimalistic jersey designs.  And as you can see in the top right corner, the "throwback" jersey and logo makes for a significant upgrade over their logo at the time.

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