Friday, June 14, 2013

Going,Going, Gone

You know how I've been really bad about posting in recent weeks?  Well, it looks like that won't be getting better any time soon.

We're escaping the clutches of Browns/Bengals territory for an opportunity that came up in Pittsburgh.  As you can imagine the opportunity to move back home has lots of advantages when it comes to friends and family, and the job is pretty nice in and of itself.  But...the card shows.

Pittsburgh basically doesn't have shows anymore, aside from the one biggie (which I still haven't finished posting about) each year.  Mall shows have dwindled from one every month or two to a couple per year, and there's little in the area beyond that. 

Pretty sad for such a sports crazy town.

I will miss living out of market, since I've been able to add quite a few Pirate cards and literally triple my Pens and Steelers collections thanks to the great show in Dayton each month.

I may still try to make it to the Vets show in Columbus.  Quite a few of the Dayton dealers set up there, and I know a few bloggers have mentioned the show is nearby or them.  It would certainly be cool to meet some of the people whose collecting exploits I follow from cyber-land.

So what does this mean for you, my loyal reader?  I'll be spending most of the next two weeks packing, and then another week or so unpacking.  I'll try to get posts up as much as possible, but I literally just boxed up all of the cards in the apartment, so my backlog of trades, show pickups, and online buys will have to wait even longer.  But it also means I have some added incentive to get some packages out in the mail for some folks I've been building stacks for. 

So we'll call this a brief vacation from blogging.  If there are any outstanding trade packages coming my way, I should be getting mail here for the next week or two.  Or just drop me an email and I'll send you a new and improved address!

So until next time, here is a scan of my last scan before everything got boxed up.  Jose Tabata sure does get some nice photos in card sets for a guy whose play is less than spectacular.

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