Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Love the 90's

I'm going to try out a new idea for a semi-regular feature.  I don't know how long it will (or won't stick around), but that's probably up to you the reader.

I'm a 90's kid.  That means I gaze longingly at 90's cards the same way that slightly older collectors reflect fondly on packs of 85 Topps, or Will Clark rookies.  The only difference?  There were a lot more cards to pick from, and the designs were a lot more creative.  I'll show off some of my favorite 90's cards - some will be the ever so desirable 90's inserts and parallels, while others will be far less impressive but equally awesome.

Driven by some strong rookie crops and reborn prospect hype in the late 90's, Bowman was actually an exciting product.  You know, when the design didn't look exactly the same every year.

And the inserts actually had some creativity behind them.  Note, I say some. Sure, they were largely recycling top prospect lists.  But at least they weren't doing in as bland a fashion as the Topps 100 prospects.

The card itself is...very busy.  Text, text, text.  And a logo.  Kind of.  Still, the foil design and famous "pitcher posing on a stool" photo scream 90's Bowman.

The ROY Favorites cards were always an insert set I enjoyed.  Top prospects, major league ready.  And once upon a time, it didn't seem too laughable that former 1-1 pick Kris Beson could potentially be the ROY.  Peter Gammons even predicted Benson to win the Cy Young award before the 2000 season.

Benson went on to have a decent career in the bigs, but nothing like you'd expect from a 1-1.  I guess that's partially why I can't get too excited about Gerrit Cole..fool me once...

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