Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Whole Hockey Thing Isn't Going So Well

There's been a distinct pattern to the Pens/Bruins games thus far:

I'm a few minutes late tuning into the game.  I turn the game on, and the Pens are already behind.  I then turn the game off out of frustration, anger, and a sinking feeling of impending doom, and go watch baseball.

That hasn't worked out so well thus far either, with the Pirates also losing during games 1&2.  But the Bucs already lost this afternoon in a 1 hitter, so maybe I can at least catch some quality baseball tonight.

Oh yeah...the card.  Andy Bathgate played two (non-consecutive) seasons for the Pens, and was a member of the original expansion team.  He's in the Hockey Hall of Fame, but played on some pretty lousy teams while in Pittsburgh. 

But on the upside, he did get to war some cool sweaters.  If the team's fortune changes, perhaps you'll see a cheerier hockey post later on.

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  1. I believe Bathgate also scored the first goal in Pens history.