Monday, June 17, 2013

The Nomad

Sometimes I feel like a very well educated drifter.  And no, not the doo-wop variety.  Since college, I've pretty much moved once a year.  Into the dorm, out of the dorm.  One house with awkward roommates to another house with my girlfriend and equally awkward roommates.  During grad school, I managed to stay in the same apartment for two years.  But here we are, and I find myself boxing up my life after almost exactly one year to the day.

What does that mean for my cardboard traveling companions?  It means that attempts at sorting and organizing are aborted midway, and boxed up.  I'll surely get back to them in a few weeks, once the moving craziness settles and my life again unpacks itself.  Of course...I'll likely have no idea where I was in the process, or vaguely recall what my plans for those cards were, brilliant schemes lost to the fog of stress.

No scans (for now at least), but I made my final trip down to Dayton.  The show as decent, but unspectacular, and I don't think I spent more than $20 total, a decent chunk of which went towards cards I will be moving in one form or another.  Still, I found around 50 new Pirate cards,and a handful of other Pittsburgh-centric collecting fodder. 

One nice thing about being a team collector is the never ending quest.  And even when I find myself boring of the current array of cards I'm chasing, there are always fun oddball cards to add.  These cards came from the Robert Morris show last month, and are very cool additions.  They are from a playing card series released around 05 or 06.  I know they released the for all 3 major Pittsburgh teams, and presumable other cities as well, featuring some of the team's most popular players on the cards.

I didn't come away with a complete set, but I ended up paying far less than the decks cost at retail, since I see them for between $10-15 when I am able to find them online.  I'd certainly love to complete the "set" without having to shell out for the whole deck.

And now...back to packing.

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