Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back in Black (and Gold)

After a couple crazy days, my feet are firmly on Pennsylvania soil, and the pain in my back is starting to ease up.  I guess Ohio had to offer me a couple last kicks on the way out.  Eating out our last two nights at Buffalo Wild Wings and a local pizza place I had the two worst dining experiences I've ever had in terms of service, including a 2 hour stay at BWW where we spent an hour and a half waiting for our food (the waitress waited on 3 tables that were seated after us before coming over, and then apparently forgot to put our order in the system for about 40 mins).

If that wasn't enough, Uhaul called to let me know that we would have to drive an hour north to pick up our truck.  Add in a nonstop drizzle of rain for two days, and I can safely say I will be avoiding long distance moves at all costs unless I hit the lottery or the job is paying for professional movers.

Buuuuut...my cards are all safe and sound, all furniture made it without any scratches or dings, and we got through the whole stressful process without killing each other or anyone else (even the BWW waitress!).  The only down side is that it may be some time before I start shifting through the mountain of white boxes that is my collection.

So no, no pretty pictures for the moment.  I owe some folks trade packages, which I was smart enough to put in one clearly marked box, so hopefully those will hit the PO this week.  Now that the stress of unpacking is over, time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the holiday weekend.

...and then get back to unpacking.

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