Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Long and Winding Road

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind.  Quite honestly, my interest in cards has been in a tailspin for a while now.  And life hasn't helped.

While it was far from perfect (the pay wasn't great, the commute was killer), the teaching job I loved came to a pretty abrupt end when I learned a couple weeks ago that the alternative school I was at would be closing.  Better yet, we had one week's notice and weren't allowed to tell the kids.  So I spent a week as a lame duck, with our students blissfully unaware that the school that for some of them was very much a last chance was going to be locking the doors behind them.  It was emotionally rough to see some kids I had really grown to care about get thrown back into some real shitty situations.  The not having a job thing can be problematic too.

Quite honestly, it's been tough trying to work up the interest to post and keep the blog feeling fresh.  Prime example?  The photos for this post have been uploaded into this post for nearly 3 weeks.  I just haven't mustered up the energy to actually add words.  Sad, huh?
These were all flea market pickups.  Better yet, they were all a dime.  Normally I'd be pretty thrilled about some of these.  Hell, rookie cards of some of the best players in the NFL for a dime?  Puhleeze.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't want to quite blogging.  I don't want to quit collecting (the slightly obscene COMC bill I ran up this weekend during the Spring Cleaning specials would testify to that).  But I just don't get the same warm and fuzzies about cards.
So don't mind me if I'm still a little sparse for the time being.  My batteries need recharged.  Or maybe just replaced.
But I'll be back with some insightful quips before too long, I'm sure.


  1. As a fellow teacher, that really stinks about the school closing. I know how alternative schools can be, and I'm sure many of those kids really depended on the school for something positive in their life.

    The job thing is really a downer, too. I'm sure you'll find another position before too long. Keep your head up and good luck!

  2. We've all been there in terms of life resulting in losing motivation for blogging or hobbies. Good luck landing at a new school!

  3. That school situation is awful, Mark. Hope things look up for you and all the great children you've taught. As far as the cards go, I think most of us go through funks from time to time. Some are longer than others. You just never know when that pull of collecting will come back, so I'd say take a step back if you need to and let the cards come to you.

  4. Real life comes first. Cards will always be here. And so will us readers....