Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Lazy Saturday

I enjoy spending time taking a look at some of the lesser known names in Pirate history.  There are often some interesting stories to be found behind those sometimes brief stat lines.

Other times, there isn't much of a story at all.

Don Gross won a World Series ring in 1960.  He may also be more notable for what he cost the Pirates than what he contributed. 

Gross came to Pittsburgh in 1958 from the Reds.  Though he had primarily been a starter in Cincinnati, the Pirates stuck him in the pen with unimpressive results.  His workload steadily decreased in '58 and '59.  By '60, the future world champs would stash Gross in the minors, appearing in only 5 games with the big club in what would be his final major league action.

The Pirates gave starter Bob Purkey in exchange from Gross.  Purkey would go on to pitch for almost a decade primarily for the Reds, winning 113 games, making 3 All-Star teams, and finishing third in Cy Young voting in 1962.  All that for 113 innings of relief pitching.

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