Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Little Nostalgia

It's been about two months since I boxed up my collection.  But aside from a few ebay sales, a few COMC purchases, and the occasional ebay win...I haven't spent much time thinking about cards.

It's not that I've lost interest, or want to stop collecting.  But the break has certainly served me well.  I have been burnt out on cards - the piles continued to build, and build while I was in Ohio, and by the move I think it was a relief to have them out of sight for a while.

And in truth, many of the recent sets haven't really interested me.  I added cards I didn't have for the simply reason that I didn't have them.  But cards I truly want almost always come from the 90's and early 00's, and my true want list has dwindled significantly.

But skimming some card forums, I came across a preview box break of 2013 Pinnacle.  I'd imagine some collectors don't even remember Pinnacle.  But they came out with some incredibly fun products in the mid 90's, and some of the rarer inserts can still command a pretty penny.

Sure, this new release lacks MLB logos.  Sure, the sheer name value of the marquee players will probably never match the 90's, when every insert set could be loaded up with 50HR guys who had a strong hobby following.  But I haven't touched a new wax product since 2007, and seeing this product made me want to go out and grab a box when the product goes live.  
The McCutchen insert here shows that a card can still look amazing without MLB logos.  Sure, the base cards look rough, and some uniforms look better sans logos than others.  But this card, oozing 90's nostalgia, has me more excited than any card Topps has put out in the past half dozen years.

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