Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Love the 90's

I've gone on ad nauseaum about how bored I have been with the offerings thus far in 2013.  There have been cards I've liked, and the Pirate team sets have been a nice improvement on past years.  But there just hasn't been any single card that I said "I must have this!"

So, as they tend to do, my hobby dollars keep trying to find their way back into my bank account.  But instead, they keep finding ways to escape towards fun new pursuits. 

I was scanning sportlots the other night to see if any new Jack Wilsons were added.  No luck on that front, but I did come across some rare 90's parallels at dirt cheap. I couldn't get them in my card fast enough.
This 1999 Upper Deck MVP Gold Signature /100 came my way for a little over $2 shipped.  Considering how tough these were to pull, and I was giddy as a schoolgirl.  MVP was basically a continuation of the Collector's Choice (94-97) and UD Choice (98) sets, carrying on the Silver Signature and Gold Signature parallels.  The set was a lower cost release with a fair number of shiny, kid friendly inserts, and some tough to pull game used and autographed cards. 

The gold signature didn't come out great in the scan, but really pops with the card's black/gold color scheme.  I may have to spend more time on the newly redesigned sportlots - I used to use the site exclusively for my commons needs, but clearly there have been some rarer cards added at amazing prices since I last shopped there.

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