Thursday, June 5, 2014

Draft Day

To most the MLB draft isn't much to write home about.A large portion of the players will never reach the high minors let alone the big leagues.  But there's just something about the promise of the future that makes the draft must see tv for me.

Maybe it's a byproduct of being a Pirate fan for many years when the draft was our best and only hope.  Barren farm system, terrible team - the draft held the hope of the next Bonds or Bonilla.  Or maybe I just have a baseball problem.  I loved listening to the draft when it was still just a live conference call, and the first round would fly by in about 20 minutes.  I could do without the added false build of drama, but it's a fair trade for...moving pictures. 
My Pirate fandom is littered with the latest, greatest hope that never made it.  My Bobby Bradley and Chad Hermansen cards are reminders of what can, and can't be.  But it's been nice to see some big time hits come out of the draft for the Bucs in recent history.  With the Pirates first pick coming up in a few minutes, it'll be fun to see the latest chip to be added to the farm system.

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