Friday, November 14, 2014

Hometown Heroes Live Break, Part 2

And we're off...

Pat The Bat Burrell
Shean Green (it's easy to forget how good he was in Toronto before the strange Raul Mondesi trade)
Pablo Sandoval (curse, you Giants!)
Alex Gordon
Andres Gallarage City Hall insert
Jim Sundberg
David Wright

Pack 2:
Juan Samuel (this will be heading out to be signed ttm next spring)
Vince Coleman
Mo Rivera
Brooks Robinson - is it just me or has Robinson been almost entirely absent from products since Donruss closed shop in 2005?
Evan Gattis RC
Curt Schilling Defining Moments Gold
Mark Grace
Wally Joyner

Pack 3
Paul Oneil
Bucky Dent
Asdrubal Cabrera
Dusty Baker
Frank Viola City Hall Black
Joey Bats
Willie McGee

Pack 4
The Big Hurt
Joe Carter
Mike Schmidt
Dan Petry - who the heck is Dan Petry???
Ryu RC
Mike Mussina

Pack 5:
Rick Dempsy
Mike Greenwall
Mike Boddicker
Shelby Miller
Steve Stone Rivalry
Larry Bowa
Fergie Jenkins

Pack 6:
Billy Butler
Tino Martinez...Mariners?  Yankees would make more sense to me
Rob Dibble - is this the first retired product he's been in?
Johnny Ray - finally a Pirate! ...that I already have
Chris Perez
Todd Helton State parallel

I'm off to a good start.  The base set looks great, and I love the range of players they've included.  It really does feel more like "hometown heroes," as opposed to Topps "we sign whichever players will autograph cards for dirt cheap" Fan Favorites.  And with an insert in just about every pack, it's giving the break a little excitement.  Some more Buccos would be nice, though...


  1. I have a box of these coming in from D&A later today as well. What a great deal that was. Maybe I can find something to pry the Galarraga and Helton parallels from you.

    1. Just finished opening mine. I got a Galarraga insert, so I don't need that one. I also got a Tony Pena state parallel that I would swap for the Helton if you are interested.

    2. Well, looks like that worked out perfectly! Email me your address, and I'll dig up some more Rox for you and get them in the mail this weekend.

      Those boxes were an amazing deal. I ended up with about 60% of the base set and just about as many inserts as the hobby box would have, plus an auto. I'm hoping they might come up again at that price during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

  2. "Dan Petry - who the heck is Dan Petry???"

    And that is part of the fun of Hometown Heroes. You may want to setup a macro of "who the heck is....". You may be saying it a few times more.

    1. Hometown Heroes has a nice little bio for each player on the back, which quickly answered "Who is Dan Petry." Crisis averted.

  3. I ordered one of these too. Probably will bust at some point this weekend.

  4. Rob Dibble was in 2004 Topps Retired (which I only know because I got the auto in my quest to complete that auto set).

    1. Apparently he was also in a few of the Archives/ATFF sets. Don't remember pulling any of those cards, though.