Monday, January 11, 2016

A Night with My Collection

It's a blessing and a curse to get a package in the mail from COMC.  And one that included my Black Friday pickups was my largest ever at 300 cards.  The plus side?  Tons of new cards.

The down side?  Tons of new cards.  I've been working on being a little less anal about tracking my collection.  I've stopped tracking my Steelers, Pens, and WVU collections.  It just got too time consuming to maintain spreadsheets for each collection.  Especially when my additions tend to come in waves.

 Will I ultimately end up with some doubles in my collection?  Sure.  But my largest of the batch is my Steelers collection at about 1000 cards.  And even at that number, it barely scrapes the surface of what's available.
 Now my Pirate collection...
 That's a different story.  I keep a detailed spreadsheet of my entire Pirates collection.  And it's more than paid dividends for all the time and energy that continues to go into maintaining it.
 More than a few times I've nearly passed on a card I actually didn't have.  And even more frequently, it's stopped me from buying a card I already had.
 So tonight I'll be settling in, watching the NCAA championship game, and catching up on getting my spreadsheet up to date.  Things only a card collector (or accountant) would say...


  1. Although I don't keep track of my cards on a spreadsheet... I have kinda been in your shoes. Whenever I get a COMC order, I need to do the whole sort, scan, and post to my website... which could take a whole afternoon depending on the size of the order. Have fun!

  2. I started using Zistle for cataloging my mini-collections and am in the middle of cataloging my bigger player collections (like Vlad and Ichiro) as well. It's helpful, but it definitely involves a lot of slow, tedious work at the same time.

  3. I'm still trying to think of the best course of action for organizing my collection. Like you, my collection is vast and getting bigger by the week. The struggle is real!

  4. I'm in the process of getting my Brewer collection on Zistle (while still keeping my lists on my site up to date). It's helped a great deal in getting me organized, though I also still have spreadsheets as backup too.

    After all, I'm a card collector and also a lawyer -- which means, keep everything in triplicate. :-)