Monday, February 11, 2013

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program

Now that I have a couple posts under my belt, I can turn my attention towards some new additions.  I added autos 485 and 486 over the weekend, both of which are recent first basemen for the Buccos

Though I usually only count autos if it pictures the player as a Pirate, Lee only has two cards in a Pirate uniform - 2011 Topps Update and a 2012 Heritage SP.  Both cards came out after the 2011 season ended, and his subsequent unofficial retirement, making it highly unlikely many (any?) signed copies of the cards are currently floating around.  I'm sure Lee will eventually make his way onto the public signing circuit, but even then his prices may be more than I'm willing to pay, so this will have to do for now.  I only paid $1 for the Lee and it's a pretty hideous looking card, so I may end up peeling off the sticker and putting it on his 2011 Update base card.

Matt Hague's cards are a bit of a mystery to me.  His autos and parallels still sell above what I'd consider them worth.  Pirate fans had a brief love affair with him early in 2012, despite the fact that he is a light hitting right handed first baseman in a ballpark that heavily favors left handed power.  Despite showing nothing in his time in Pittsburgh, being outrighted off the 40-man roster, going unclaimed through waivers, and being knocked down to 4th on the depth chart, it looks like he still has some dedicated collectors.  But hey, at least the Pirates gold spring training jerseys look cool!

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