Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spring Training Eve Eve

It only seems fitting that this blog's maiden voyage should come nestled between the release of 2013 Topps and pitchers and catchers reporting to Bradenton for Spring Training.

Obviously I haven't been able to get any of the 2013 cards signed yet (though a few will be heading out in the mail for TTM autographs Monday).  But I like the design of this year's base set much more than the other white bordered, swoosh-incorporating designs from the past couple years.  At a dozen cards including Andrew McCutchen's appearance on a league leader card, the Topps still managed to include two ex-Buccos in the Pirate team set.  Brock Holt, sent to Boston along with Joel Hanrahan, was presumably traded after the set went to press.  However, the inclusion of Kevin Correia as a Pirate is a bit of a head scratcher, since the recent Twins' free agent signing had some Pirate fans (myself included) counting down the days to his inevitable 2013 departure from Pittsburgh since the winter of 2010 when he signed with the Pirates.

I was able to find the entire team set at a card show over the weekend at a dime a piece, and also picked up the new Emerald parallel card of Andrew McCutchen.  The Emerald looks pretty similar in foil and texture to the gold foil parallels from last year.  The color scheme doesn't work as well on Pirate cards as the gold foil did, but I'll still work towards the entire team set of the parallel. 

So as pitchers and catchers report, and the Pirates prepare to make yet another attempt at eeking their way above .500, a fond(enough) farewell to Kevin Correia and his impeccably combed hair.

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