Saturday, February 9, 2013


After who knows how many attempts at starting a blog for my collection, I can only hope this will be the first of many posts.  If not, this initial post sure will look funny all alone on the page, won't it?

I'm a collector of any and all things Pittsburgh baseball related.  This blog will largely focus on my efforts to collect autographs of every player to appear in a game for the Pirates, however, it will undoubtedly also include other Pirate cards, bobbleheads, the occasional Steelers and Penguin post, and whatever other odds and ends I find amusing.

As of this writing, I am over half way to obtaining autographs of all the Pirate players post WWII.  I enjoy writing and reading about the less explored nooks and crannies of the franchise's history: the obscure journeymen who appeared in half a dozen September games, or the aging veteran who collected one last paycheck for a last place team on his way into retirement.  I hope through this blog to focus on some of that less explored history, as well as looking at Pittsburgh less heralded (and often more talented) baseball teams: the Pittsburgh Crawfords and Homestead Grays.

Hopefully (and by hopefully, I mean should I ever actually continue this blog beyond the initial post), this blog will offer a combination of baseball history, pretty pictures, and shiny baseball cards for Pirate and non-Pirate collectors alike.


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