Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

It's been a pretty hectic few days around here, which will probably be followed by a few even more hectic weekends.

After a year stranded in Ohio, we're looking forward to all the holiday festivities that Pittsburgh has to offer  And this year, that means cards.  One of the malls in the area that has been bleeding stores for years is having a weekend card show starting on Black Friday.  I'm not planning on doing much holiday shopping aside from a few DVD purchases, but the card show will be on my calendar for Friday.  It will be the first show in the area since I moved back in June, so the dime boxes will hopefully be a sight for sore eyes.

Follow that up with Piratefest in mid December, and I'll be a busy boy.

And of course the holidays also mean a little extra in the card budget.  I'm hoping to score some good deals during COMC's Black Friday sale, and I've found a lot of tougher to find cards pop up on ebay this time of year as people look to make a little extra holiday cash.  I was lucky enough to add a card that had been long been on my want list around this time last year at about half the price previous copies had ended at.

Fleer's EX brand was one of my favorite sets for quite some time, and this dual auto /25 was one of the must have additions to my Jack Wilson collection.  If it weren't for those pesky spring training hats... I'm not expecting any additions of this magnitude this year, since the Jack cards I need have become few and far between.  But I'll still be adding some great new cards I'm sure, as well as shipping a monster COMC order that has been building up since their last free shipping special.

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