Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Well, I'll be quite honest.  Didn't call that one.  At all.  Just another September 23rd, just another playoff clinching win.

Three weeks ago I would have said no way in hell. 

Six months ago I would have said the team had an outside chance at being a wild card team.

But the Bucs have been on fire lately, while the rest of the NL seems to just be treading water.  A lot can still happen over the last 5 games, but either way I'll be watching some baseball in October.


  1. It really is amazing. The team just flipped a switch and suddenly they are playing better than last years team. I hate "what ifs", but you have to wonder where we would stand in the division if Cutch didn't have to go on the DL after the Dbacks series.

  2. As I said on Matt's blog, congrats to your Bucs! Now do what Jake Taylor said the Indians had to do in the World Series and win the whole f**king thing. :-)