Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Catching Up

Last week was a whirlwind, with some pretty big life changes in Battlin' Buc land.

I had an interview for a job on Thursday.  I felt like things went well, but was pretty shocked when they called 45 minutes after I got out of the interview to offer me the position.  I'll be taking on a management role with an education non-profit that work with at-risk youth.  It's a big step forward both for my career and for our bank account, and I'm really excited to be heading to an organization that I can genuinely see myself stick with for a good while.  I've tried to avoid letting work interfere with the card blog, but the last year has been a rough one on the work front and I don't think it's much of a stretch to admit that has had a huge impact on my quality and consistency of writing on the blog.  Lots of stress, long commutes, and uncertainty knowing what career direction I wanted to move in.

So I'm excited about having some more free time (and less stress) to get back to enjoying reading and writing about cards.
These cards were waiting for me in the mailbox the other day.  I won them both on ebay for a total of about $3.50.  At one point, buyback cards were the hottest thing in the hobby.  As people started to realize they're basically glorified IP autos and many of the Topps ones could be easily faked, the market has cooled considerably.

But Bay was one of my favorite players to watch, and I can't pass up on two autographs at that price.  Fun fact: his 2002 rookie cards in Topps products feature him as an Expo, Met, and Padre.

By the way, if anyone else has interest or questions about the team collector group I wrote about last week, don't hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I saw we had a couple new signups - hope to hear from you guys soon on the Team Collector forum!



  1. I remember sending an email to a seller that was selling a fake McCutchen buyback. I'm sure he didn't know, but it was a card that didn't even have an auto variation. He never responded and still sold it.....

    1. Thanks! It looks like Topps is trying the concept again, but are going to be stamping all the cards this time around. Now to decide if I want to leave the cards in those horrible holders or crack them out.

  2. Yes, congrats on the new job! Awesome!
    I knew Bay had some Expos cards, but the Padres? That one would have stumped me for sure.

    1. For a guy who would become a multiple time all star, he was sure included in some junk trades before being sent to the Pirates in the Giles trade.