Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Welcome to October

I don't think there is any sport I associate so strongly with a season as baseball.  Hockey and basketball feel like a mercifully out of place ending when the winter sports wrap up as the shorts come out.  And while I love a good football playoff game in the snow, the holiday cheer makes the Superbowl feel a little anti-climactic to me.  But baseball?  After a long, sweltering, glorious summer, nothing feels as fitting as the weather begins to bite and the leaves begin to turn as playoff baseball.
 Tomorrow is the third consecutive one game play-in for the Pirates.  I'm hoping for another win, but the Cubs are a tough match up.  If the Pirates have a chance, they need to get the "good" version of the two guys in this post.  No player has been as frustrating to me as Pedro Alvarez.  For all his pedigree and early success, he has always been a maddening strikeout machine.
And while Polanco shows flashes of brilliance and is still very young, the margin of error couldn't be slimmer and a win and you're in, lose and we wait for next year scenario.

But win or lose, I'll be enjoying a glorious post season with glass of apple cider in hand.  Here's to October.


  1. I'm scared to death of Pedro's defense in this game. Our only hope is he cancels it out by hitting a bomb. He is arguably the worst defensive first baseman in history!

    1. Same. I don't know how his defense could degrade so quickly over the last two years. I'm hoping for the best tonight, but realistically this is the toughest matchup of the 3 WC games we've played. I'm starting to really hate this format.