Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally catching up

Something tells me I jumped on the blogging train a bit too late. 

As I scroll through the blog rolls on some of my favorite blogs looking for new ones to follow, I'm noticing more blogs that have been dormant for a year, two years, three years than those that have been recently updated. 

Maybe the whole blogging fad has passed me by.  Not really surprising, since I've had the same cell phone since 2007.  But even though I've only been at it a few week in the blogosphere, I get the sense that the collecting tastes here are far more in line with my own than the high end, prospecting pimping forum crowd.

I'm really enjoying my time here thus far, and I sincerely hope my (admittedly microscopic) readership is enjoying the direction this blog is going.

Today's card is actually is a not so new addition.  I picked this up a month or two ago, and the auto is an upgrade on the Rios signed Pirates postcard I have in my collection.  I prefer to get to get the guys on actual cards whenever possible, but sometimes that goes on the back burner for a while.

Rios was the second part of the Jason Schmidt/John Vander Wal for Ryan Vogelsong/Armando Rios trade.  That one didn't work out so well for the Bucs - Schmidt went on the display Cy Young caliber dominance in San Fran, while Vogelsong never could really get the ball over the plate, only to resurface again in Frisco in All-Star caliber form.

Rios didn't fare much better.  He played only two games with the Bucs after the trade before a season ending injury put him on the shelf.  He returned in 2002, but was unable to hit for any power (1HR in 208 AB's after posting Slg%'s around .450-500 during his time with the Giants.  He picked up some AB's with the White Sox in 2002, and bounced around the minors into his late 30's, but his time in Pittsburgh effectively ended his time as a major leaguer in far less than memorable fashion.


  1. "I'm really enjoying my time here thus far, and I sincerely hope my (admittedly microscopic) readership is enjoying the direction this blog is going."

    Yes, this reader is!

  2. I started blogging after about seven years on the forums and can tell you that the blogosphere is a million times better than the "forum crowd" you referenced.

    Keep up the great work with your writings, Mark!

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. I still enjoy spend a decent amount of time on forums, but always felt like the forum crowd was/is more geared toward his end pickups. I love the higher end cards in my collection. But I clearly also can write 400 words on a 1987 Topps base card. It's really exciting to find a space that can appreciate both.