Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Come From a Land Down Under

I don't follow basketball nearly as much as I used to.  But growing up, it was probably my favorite sport.  And nobody could hold a candle to the 90's Bulls in terms of popularity or on-court excitement.  The teams seemed stacked offensively...except for center.  In comparison, center Luc Longley just seemed...average when surrounded by some of the game's all time greats.  But he did wear my favorite number - 13.

These TSC Dot Matrix parallels look far better in person than the scanner shows.  I pulled this beauty out of a dime box a few months back.  A worthy investment for a little piece of nostalgia.

I have a few of the Dot Matrix basketball cards in my collection, but it seems like the baseball (and football?) versions are a little tougher to find.  If anybody has any they're looking to trade, I know of a good home for them.

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