Monday, August 25, 2014

Minors Monday

One of the real downsides to the Topps monopoly has been the decreased attention to Minor League cards.  If you were collecting in the late 90's and early 00's, you probably know what I mean.  Sure, Bowman was the crown prince of the prospect game.  But there were a range of minor league products that were big hits as collectors chased the next big thing.  Collectors cou
ld get autographs of top prospects from relatively affordable and hit-centric products like Best.  UD also got in on the action with a few minor league sets that brought high quality design and photography from their mainstream products to minor league cards.

Many of the minor league products were produced on lighter, flimsy card stock.  The designs were...well, for lack of a better term, minor league. Maybe I'm just waxing nostalgically, but I'd much prefer that to the recycling of Flagship and Heritage designs and concepts that we get year after year. C'mon guys, can we at least take the time to come up with a unique base design?

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