Monday, February 15, 2016

2000 Topps Chrome Refractors

Player: Darren Dreifort
Card Number: 249
Set: Base

Set Progress: 11/478 (2%)

Maybe I'll just never understand the economics of baseball.  Or maybe I'll just never understand numbers that have 6 zeroes after them.  But I'll definitely never understand the LA Dodgers.

Those that still remember Darren Dreifort probably remember the contract more than the pitcher.  And rightfully so.  Somehow the Dodgers spent $55M in the winter of 2000 on the promise that maybe this pitcher with a history of arm trouble who had never delivered on his potential would bloom into one of the best arms in the game.

He didn't.  His arm imploded.  Sound like today's pitching market?


  1. People keep bitching about the Pirates not adding another starter, but the guys people were talking about are getting 50-70 mil and don't have great track record. The freaking Royals gave Ian Kennedy 70 million. It looks the Pirates just said screw it with the hope of one of the new reclamation projects and Glasnow being able to produce.

    I forgot about Dreifort getting that money. Good for him!

  2. Nice card. I always thought Dreifort would be a heckuva closer.

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  4. Dodgers loved blowing money for no reason during that era. Fox money and all that. I always liked Dreifort. It crushed me that he never lived up to his potential.