Friday, January 30, 2015

An Autograph a Day

The Hall of Fame has its fair share of liars, cheaters, racists, and probably enough narcissists to fill a small convention hall.  But there are also some damn fine human beings in there.  And while its the on field accomplishments that get you into the hall (well, mostly), Bobby Doerr has been one of the best friends imaginable to collectors.

Even at 90+ years of age, Doerr is still about as reliable of a signer as you'll find.  For a guy who was inducted into the HoF a year before I was born, it's amazing that he is still a gracious signer for collectors.

Side note: I imagine there can't be many, if any, other players from the Conlon set still alive.  It's one of the nicest sets ever produced in my eyes, and I'm beyond thrilled to have a card from the set signed.

Happy Friday, everybody!


  1. That is awesome he is still an active signer. Great autos!

  2. I just received a TTM request I sent to him about 10 days ago. Super quick turn around and a great man to be so accessible to fans at his current age.