Friday, July 3, 2015

Catching Up

As summer kicks into full swing, I've realized I've become terribly out of touch with the world of cardboard.  Prizm and Stadium Club, two of my favorite products, went live and I was blissfully unaware.  It will probably be a while before I start to tackle the cards from either of those sets, but I did spend some time checking ebay to see what I missed.

And boy was I excited to see the Pirates in Archives this year.  Sid Bream and Kent Tekulve are two of the easier Pirates alumni to get autographs from, even if they don't have a ton of certified issues.  But I was downright giddy to see Jason Kendall in the autograph checklist.

I've soured on Kendall a lot over the years.  He was a fantastic player during some of the darkest years in team history.  But from a purely personal standpoint, Kendall was a jerk to just about everybody he encountered in Pittsburgh from fans to teammates.

Still...nostalgia and all that jazz.  I usually hesitate to pony up for Archives autos, since they often sell for more than similar products, and Kendall does have quite a few autographs from his playing days.  Still, I decided to pull the trigger when I was able to land this silver parallel for $7.  That's actually less than most of the base autographs are selling for, and I like the colored border.  So while I'm not exactly back into the swing of things, I'm getting there.  I have a COMC shipment from the Spring Cleaning promo the past week that is scheduled to be delivered today, so maybe that will get me back into a more regular posting routine.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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