Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hidden Gold

After a painstaking wait over the holiday weekend, I finally got my greedy hands on my latest COMC haul.  Thanks to the latest free shipping promo, 200 glorious new cards are now at home in my collection.  There are some great cards that fit into my various PC's that I'll be showing off over the next few days.  But sometimes the odds and ends deserve a little love as well.

Technically speaking, none of the cards in this post really fit into any particular aspect of my collection.  Unless you could my "Oooo, pretty" collection to be...a thing.
 Quite possible the most exciting pickups was this pair of 2001 Topps Chrome refractor inserts.  2001 Chrome was a great set, and the refractor versions of the inserts were a tough pull.
 Maybe I'm in the minority, but I love the fact that I can buy copies of cards I could only dream of pulling as a kid for under a buck.
 Speaking of under a buck, for $.50, I couldn't pass up on this crazy Focus Pocus insert of Ripken.  The orange and black colors give it a little extra Halloween spin.  But most importantly, check out the Turn Ahead the Clock jersey!  Maybe Nick and I are the only collectors in the world who obsess over these things, but I can't thank the Artist Formerly Known as Fleer enough for using some of these photos on their inserts.
 And while it isn't quite 90's nostalgia, this Crime Dog Diffractor from 2014 Tek was close enough for me.
 And there may be no better 90's sweet spot than rare cards of failed prospects.  Nostalgia?  Check.  Guy that was technically once a huge hobby name?  Check.  Awesome card?  Check.  So considering I've never even come close to one of these Gold Label parallels of a Pirate, I'll gladly take it for a mere $.75.  Not too shabby for a card from one of my favorite sets of all time.
And *sigh* teal Marlins jerseys.  I swoon for you.

Now I just need to catalogue the other 190 cards in the box...