Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Records Were Made to Be Broken

Baseball has a new home run champ.

...minor league baseball.

I came across this really cool story about Mike Hessman, longtime minor leaguer, breaking the all-time (affiliated) minor league homer mark.  When you think about the history of the game, and particularly of minor league baseball across all its levels, it's a pretty impressive feat.

I checked COMC and it looks like he has a few certified autos from Donruss products in the early 00's.  Looks like all the cheapie copies had been snagged up already, but he's definitely somebody who I would love to add to my autograph collection one of these days.

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  1. I never heard of Mike Hessman but from his baseball reference page, it shows he played for the Louisville Bats in 2013. I went to my stack of scorecards and pulled out the one where Louisville clobbered the Indianapolis Indians 7-0 in early August. Sure enough Mike Hessman took Stormy Pimentel deep in the first inning. Its amazing what you see without realizing what you saw until years later.