Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tis the Season to be Chromey

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Christmas Eve.  I'm wrapping some gifts at home, and will be heading over my parents' for dinner once Kate gets off work shortly.  Some more shiny goodies from my latest COMC batch.  I have to admit that Bowman is one of my least favorite releases each year.  While I loved getting cards of future stars in their early years, the number of parallels and general watering down of the player quality makes it a product I have little interest in chasing cards from.

Buuuuuut...there are some nice, shiny cards in there.  And while I couldn't explain to you the tiers of refractors, ice, waves, slushies, and whatever other type of cards Topps concocts each year if my life depended upon it...they sure are pretty to look at.

 So I'm more than happy to let COMC do the work of figuring out what's what, and I just do the easy part of clicking "Buy."
 The Ice cards are a nice change of pace, and I believe the first of the sort in my collection.  I always enjoy refractor cards.  While the Ice cards aren't quite as nice in my opinion, they are something different.
 And while I don't mind picking up Chrome autos for cheap, I'd hate to be the guy who busted a $100 box and ended up with a couple of $1 autos.
 And while I appreciate the thought, the photoshop jobs on the cards can be a little painful at times.  I think I might actually enjoy Chrome more as a set that featured players in their minor league uniforms.
 Come to think of it - it seems like at one point or another, most companies who did delve into minor league sets spun off some of their more popular products.  For example the SP Minors products in the late 90's were some great looking sets that brought the quality the major league product was known for to a minor league set of players.
 Admittedly, Topps would be cutting into its own market by taking Chrome to the minors.  But considering they have a freaking monopoly as it is, I can't see the harm in trying it out.  Especially since the formula of Pro Debut and Heritage Minors couldn't be much less interesting if they tried.

Hope everyone who will be traveling today has a safe trip.  It's in the 60's in Western PA, so my big debate will apparently be whether I should wear shorts on Christmas for the first time ever.  May your holiday box breaks serve you well.

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