Monday, December 14, 2015

Tis the Season

One thing every baseball fan is accustomed to is the revolving human carousel of winter in baseball.  And while my feelings are mixed on the players leaving Pittsburgh this winter, it's always an interesting moment of reflection.

I can't exactly I'm overcome with emotion over Pedro Alvarez being non-tendered.  He was always a flawed player who could hit light tower shots when he actually made contact.  But he certainly had his fair share of big hits against the rival Cardinals.  If you could capture his 2013 season and clone it, there's no doubt he would still be a Pirate.  But the whole playing defense a thing.  And for reasons that still sadden me, baseballs hit into rivers still count just the same as every other one that goes over a wall.

Maybe that's one rule they can look into amending...

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  1. I've been reading so many bad articles from the Pittsburgh about the non tendering of Alvarez and the trade of Walker. Pedro's defense was so bad that it neutralized anything he could have done with the bat. The writers who are blasting the Pirates for non tendering him don't understand the economics of baseball.

    Did you see Rob Rossi's article about Neil Walker right after the trade. It was so sappy and one sided that it was almost laughable. I wasn't a big fan of the trade, but the idea we should give Neil Walker an extension because he means so much to the city is a joke.