Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2008 BC Live Break Part 2

Well, that was anti-climactic...

Pack 5:
Vernon Wells
Jason Varitek (continuing the "former all stars who don't play anymore" theme)
Ryan Zink autograph
Kai Liu

Well...there's the auto for the box.  Does anybody collect autos of players with the same name as elements on the periodic table?  Cause that's about the only place I can see this fitting in a collection.

Zink was a 17th round pick of the Yankees.  He had two not entirely bad seasons in A-ball coming straight out of college before getting shelled at high A in 2009.  He continued playing in independent ball for a few years in the Frontier League.  But he didn't play for the local Washington Wild Things, which would have at least given me a good excuse to keep this card in my collection.  Luckily the team collector who sent me the box is also a Yankees fan, so at least I can repay the favor and give this card a good home in one fell swoop.

Pack 6:
German Duran
John Bowker refractor (another short term Buc)
Chris Huseby
Chris Pettit

Pack 7:
A.J. Burnett
Oliver Perez
Hector Correa
Deibinson Romero least we have a duo of my favorite Pirate pitchers.

Pack 8:
Jeremy Guthrie
Jeff Niemann
Will Kline
Ryan Royster

Seriously, did Topps actively try to avoid including actual prospects in this release?

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