Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pirate Autograph Project #12: Jermaine Allensworth

The Pirates had a long and illustrious track record of center field duds until that McCutchen guy came to town.  Jermaine Allensworth, Adrian Brown, Tike Redman, Chad Hermansen.  The next great hope for a guy who could man either 1B or CF has long been a dream of Pirate fans.  First base is (still) a work in progress.  And while we piled up players who could rake in the minors and were often blazing fast, it never translated into major league production.  Not that I can completely blame them.  The Dee Gordons and Juan Pierres of the world are rare - guys who can put that contact hitting and speed together to maintain consistent major league production.  More players end up like Billy Hamilton or Michael Bourne.

But Allensworth was a lot of fun to watch in Pittsburgh, and didn't have a terrible career when you size him up against the other guys on that list.  

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