Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back on the Wagon: 2008 Bowman Chrome Live Break Part 1

I've been horrible about posting regularly.  Again.  But I'm back until I'm not, and this time I come with a box of shiny baseball cards to track open.  One of my team collector buddies had a contest recently, and a box of 2008 Bowman Chrome showed up in my mailbox today as the prize.

2008 Chrome was pretty rough, but a free box is a free box.  There weren't many Pirate cards in the set, and I think I have the most common refractors of the few Bucs that were.  But that won't deter me.  Who knows - maybe there's a superfractor hiding inside one of the packs.

I'll post the results 4 packs at a time.

Pack 1:
Gary Sheffield
Jeff Gerbe
Juan Francisco (hey, a prospect card I've actually heard of - that's probably going to be a rarity in this break)

Pack 2:
Carlos Guillen
Aaron Harang
Tony Barnette
Joaw Ortegano

Pack 3:
Chone Figgins
Brian McCann Refractor
Brett Cecil
Mike Dejesus

Pack 4:
Barry Zito
John Lackey
Dan Berlind
Vin Mazzaro (former Bucco at least...)

We're off to a roaring start.  I'm pretty surprised that only McCann and Lackey are still active (that I'm aware of, at least) out of the vets.  2008 doesn't feeeeel like it was all that long ago.  Then again, that's also the year Kate and I met.  So maybe it is ages ago.

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