Wednesday, March 30, 2016

An Arduously Painful Box of Bowman Chrome, Part III

This is starting to get a little laughable.

Pack 9:
Fausto Carmona (who, technically speaking, is not even a person anymore
Raul Ibanez refractor (retired, but nostalgia!)
Jordan Norberto
Brandon Laird

Pack 10:
Jacoby Ellsbury (he plays baseball! [when healthy])
Adam Jones (he plays baseball and is healthy!)
Justin Cassel
Jason Delaney (a Pirate!)

Pack 11:
Hunter Pence (who I wish would stop playing baseball)
Randy Johnson, wearing a jersey that is supposedly the Diamondbacks' but is neither purple nor pinstriped.  It's all a lie.
Two other guys whose mothers are certainly very proud they made it on a baseball card.

Pack 12:
Jeff (retired) Francis
Lance (I don't play baseball anymore) Berkman
some guy named Jevne...I have no idea how to pronounce that.
A guy named Snyder who presumably does not make potato chips

I'm only opening the remaining packs out of some sick, twisted sense of obligation.

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