Thursday, May 22, 2014

On the Third Day of Show-Mas, My Dealer Sold to Me...

...a signed Maz poster.

This one is sitting in a poster tube, and is a bit of a pain to unroll since it's on thick poster board.  I hope you'll forgive the borrowed online photos.  As my purchases were winding down, Todd asked me if there was anything specific I was looking for.  I mentioned I would love to add a nice, large signed Maz piece.  He had quite a few to pick from, but nothing really caught my eye.  And then he said, "wait, you haven't seen this."  He pulled a large poster tube from behind his table, and pulled out a piece I had seen before.
But the big difference?  It was signed.  Maz added his signature in the black space at the bottom, along with his HoF year.  The original art was done by Burton Morris, who also designed the 2006 All-Star Game logo.

I love the '06 ASG logo, and the pop art feel to both pieces really resonated with me.  The top photo doesn't do the image justice - the blue background on the poster is a very vibrant royal blue.  On top of the look of the piece, I'm really happy to have a Maz piece that shows him turning two, since there are so many pieces commemorating the 1960 walk off HR.

I've wanted to start collecting some (non-sports) art, but any kind of art collection is out of my budget for the foreseeable future.  But I'm really happy to have some new Pirate-themed art pieces in my collection.  I think they'll add some nice variety to the array of photos and signed memorabilia I hope to display some day.  And in case you haven't noticed, I really love bright, vibrant colors.  And you can't go wrong with a Hall of Famer signature in your collection.


  1. Great looking piece. Sort of reminds me of Panini Triple Play.

  2. I agree with Fuji. Triple Play was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. It's a beautiful piece and I bet it looks great signed.

    Like you, I have always wanted to pick up some signed Sports art, be it Yankees, Jets or Knicks. My buddy collects high end signed sports art and I know how much he pays for each piece. I was with him a few months back when he bought a Mariano Rivera canvas and took it to Rivera, who was signing at that show. The total for the piece and autograph was close to 500.00. I don't have that kind of scratch to spend on signed art, but I can see why collectors spend the money.

    I know I will have some pieces at some point. I'm just looking for a better price point for me to start out at.