Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday's Best

Baseball has changed quite a bit even over the last few decades.  And while I'm on board with most of the game's evolutions (except replay, which I could gladly do without), one thing I really miss are day games.  Sure, they still happen.  And admittedly the adult in me may find them more inconveniencing than I did at 8 or 9.  But baseball wasn't meant to be played under lights in my eyes. 

Kate and I are heading to PNC Park for an afternoon game today, sandwiched between trips to Macy's and Ikea.  I think I might be more excited about the Ikea trip than the game, in all honesty.  Aside from the few games we've gone to, I've watched about 5 total innings of Pirates baseball this season.  And it doesn't really bother me.  But it should be a fun day at the ballpark nonetheless.

Daytime photos don't get quite the same love that night game photos do in the blogging world.  And rightfully so, I suppose.  Most photos seem to be taken when the sun is shining - undoubtedly an easier and better shot for photographers.  But that doesn't mean they don't deserve some love as well.
One of these days I'll have to put together a post on 2003 Topps.  The set as a whole was pretty unspectacular, but the Pirates team set has some really awesome photos, and I've always liked the headshot cutout.  Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Editor's Note:  aaaaaaand I checked my tickets right before we left the house.  The game is at 8:05 rather than the normal 1:35, totally blowing up our plans for the day.  Luckily as a season ticket holder I can exchange them for a future game.  Epic fail.

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  1. I agree. Baseball needs more day games. What I miss most is World Series games played during the day. I only caught the end of that, but I remember running home from school to catch one of the games of the 1978 World Series when the Yankees played against the Dodgers. I believe Reggie Jackson hit a home run late in the game and then went nuts in the next game at Yankee Stadium hitting 3 bombs.

    I miss those days.