Thursday, February 26, 2015

90's Group Break

Apparently group breaks are all the rage these days.  I guess I missed the memo, since I've been doing group breaks for years with a fantastic group of team collectors, including fellow blogger and all around great guy Mike G from The Sexy Geek's Sports Room.

Every few months we pool funds to bust some boxes of the latest releases.  Our latest break is going to be a bunch of late 90's/early 2000's boxes, which anybody who even occasionally reads my blog knows is my collecting sweet spot.

We are a few members short for this break for one reason or another, so I wanted to open it up to see if any of my fellow bloggers would like to join in.

It's pretty simple - the buy in is $20 (shipping included), which gets you every single card of your team.  It's s sliding pool (not a slip 'n slide, the cardboard kind), so the more people join in the more boxes we'll be able to buy.  Right now we're slated to bust 9 boxes.  More people = more boxes!

We're planning to collect money and put the order in by the end of the weekend to do the break around the middle of next week.  The break will be live on Google Hangout with yours truly doing the ripping, and a fun time to hang around and talk about cards with other collectors.

Here's the list of boxes we're planning on opening, with more to be added if additional teams are claimed:
2000 Bowman Baseball Box (Hobby)
2000 Topps Stars Baseball Box (HTA)
2002 Upper Deck Victory Baseball Box (Hobby)
2002 Upper Deck MVP Baseball Box (Hobby)
1999 Fleer Ultra Baseball Box (Hobby)
1999 Bowman Baseball Series 1 Box (Hobby)
2001 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects Baseball Box (Hobby)
2003 Upper Deck Baseball 40 Man Box (Retail) 
2004 Topps Baseball Series 1 1st Edition Box (HTA)

Teams Available:


If you're interested, leave a comment or email me.  It should be a really fun break, with hopefully a chance at a big card or two being pulled. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Blue Jays please. Please email me at

  2. I'll take the Expos. Time to enhance my Expos collection. I'll take them. Drop me a note at d0uglasc0rti@gmail.c0m. Just change the zeroes to Os.