Friday, February 6, 2015

Spring Fever

It's been really, really cold around here the last couple days.  But we're getting closer to pitchers and catchers reporting.  Which mean the great thaw is on the way.  And while I've been a little burnt out on cardboard lately, I've been having a blast with some photo paper, card stock, and a computer.

One of my collecting friends lives in Arizona, and is right across the street from the White Sox spring training complex.  So we're teaming up to get some autographs for another friend who is a Sox collector.  I've been tossing together some customs for her to get signed.

It's been really fun to play around with different designs and techniques.  Better yet, as much as I've been griping lately about the products coming from manufacturers customs provide complete control over everything from the photo to the design.  I've been making some of my own custom designs, but for these I've been using (or tweaking) some designs that my White Sox buddy likes best.

As I've grown a little more confident with my Photoshop skill set, I decided to finally take the plunge.  I ordered some more high tech supplies to make more complex (read: shiny) cards.  So that should be some fun arts and crafts time in the coming weeks.

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