Monday, July 28, 2014

Regrets, I've Had a Few

I made an interesting little discovery today while browsing COMC.  They added a new feature at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar allowing users to search for "sold out items."  This is obviously a big step in their move towards offering comprehensive pricing.  But what does it mean for me?

It means I missed out on some really hard to find Jack Wilson cards, mostly at dirt cheap prices.  I came across about half a dozen cards that I haven't seen before, mostly numbered between 50-200.  The real kick in the junk?  None of them sold for more than $5, most well below that. 

I started using COMC around late 2010 or so, my first real splurge in grad school.  I've been pretty diligent about checking the site regularly since then.  But I'm sure a few of these either sold before I found out about the site, or may have been gobbled up quickly after going live.

Either way, it's a bit of a bummer since my Jumpin' Jack Flash additions are few and far between these days.  Hopefully the National will yield a find or two.


  1. I didn't notice that feature before. I nervously checked to see what Virdon cards I may have missed. Luckily I haven't missed one I needed. Cool tool though, thanks for pointing it out.

    1. It definitely wasn't there last week. Seems like it could be a valuable tool for pricing, though I may spend more time lamenting what I missed out on.

  2. Wow, I hadn't noticed that feature before, that seems like a great tool for player collectors.

    One of the reasons I buy and sell on COMC is because I've been impressed by their desire to always keep modifying the site and providing new features. I would not be surprised to find that this was just the first step towards other features, maybe a way to notify you when a "sold out" card comes into stock.

    BTW, if there is a feature like that you'd like to see, go ahead and tell them. They seem very receptive to ideas from the user community.

    1. I imagine this is the first step towards creating the more comprehensive pricing (and also revenue generating) price guide feature they discussed when the split with Beckett happened. If nothing else, it's fantastic to have a visual reference for cards that may be fairly rare.

      I actually spoke with Tim (the founder of COMC) very briefly at the National, and I came away very impressed. He's also a very, very tall dude.