Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's In a Name

Baseball has a long history of awesome nicknames.  And not the Chris Berman-esque variety, but truly unique and fitting nicknames.  Country.  Rock.  Penguin.  Scrap Iron.  Maybe it's the long road trips and excessive time sitting on benches.  Who knows.

I've started a meager collection of cards featuring player nicknames, which pretty much just consists of Topps releases for Tim "Rock" Raines and David "Boomer" Wells.  But I'm sure with a little effort I could expand the collection.

The Pirates have had their fair share of great nicknames, but how many teams can boast a nicknamed tandem?  Add in a pair of HoF plaques, and you have perhaps the most famous nicknamed duo in history.

Double your poison, double your fun.

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