Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Minor Matters

The Pirates rotation has been held together with some tape and a few paperclips this year.  With James McDonald hitting the DL, 3/5 of the projected opening day rotation is on the shelf (along with Francisco Liriano and Jeff Karstens).  The good news is that rotation roulette opened up a spot for Jeff Locke.

Locke is one of my favorites on the team, and a guy I've considered building a player collection of.  I've never collected a pitcher, but I met Locke at Piratefest and had the chance to talk with him for a few minutes.  And by talk with him, I mainly mean we discussed the awesomenes of my beard (which has since been trimmed, though it respawns faster than RPG characters) and his inability to grow facial hair.  Any player with a fine appreciation for facial hair is certainly worth collecting.

I snagged this Topps Heritage Minors SP for $.50 at a show a few months back.  It's a nice shot of the new look Altoona Curve logo, and really works well with the woodgrain design.

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