Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

Unless something dramatically changes, this will probably be the only post I make for the rest of the week, unless I get some time to throw something together tomorrow.

The rest of the week will include a trip back to Pittsburgh for the biggest show of the year at Robert Morris University.  With over 250 tables, it's the largest show of the year for me, and a nice way to eat up a good amount of cash.

The show offers a great mix of vintage and modern, with a few super high end vintage guys who fall into the "if I won the lottery" category.  I've been able to knock off big chunks of my vintage Pirate needs over the last couple years for around $.50/card for mid 60's cards, and $1-2 a piece for 50's and early 60's pieces.  You definitely can't get those kind of deals online.  The show also used to boast an impressive array of Pittsburgh signers.  No, it wasn't the high end, $300/signature signers you'll find at Chantilly.  But the likes of Whammy Douglas and Joe Christopher were exactly the kind of guys who I need for my Pirate collection.

This year the show is under new ownership.  Dealers have told me they kept the dealer pricing in tact from previous years, so there should be a lot of the same guys set up, but the auto lineup is much weaker.  I'm not purchasing a single autograph this year, which bums me out a little bit, since that was always a highlight of the show in the past.  But you can't win em all.

Hopefully this weekend will yield some big finds, but at the very least I should come home with a nice stack of new cards for the collection, and some fresh trade bait for the blogosphere.  If anyone wants me to keep an eye out for anything in particular, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best.

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