Monday, May 20, 2013

Where Do I Find the Application for Hoarders?

I think I'm officially on card overload.  With three major shows in the past 5 weeks, a couple of bigger online purchases, and a few cards here and there off COMC, I've been dealing with cards even more than usual lately.

All the new additions are stacked in precariously teetering piles on my desk and file cabinet, and have completely overwhelmed the already cluttered space.  Not to mention the piles that have migrated out to the living room coffee table, a fact that the little lady is none too pleased about.

I tried to sit down and make a dent in the 500+ cards I need to scan and 300 or so I need to enter in my respective spreadsheets, but the interest just isn't there right now. 

And it doesn't help that my one big planned purchase for the show this past weekend was supposed to be a few boxes of 9 pocket pages, the most critical step in getting my collection organized and filed away.  The only problem is that the two dealers selling supplies were asking $18/box, while I found pages from an online retailer that would come out around $12/box after shipping.  I hate spending money on supplies as it is, so I decided to save a few bucks and wait a few more days for my pages to arrive.  But in the mean time, these piles of cards are in cardboard limbo, awaiting their new homes.

Getting organized has been a long and tedious process.  I'm hoping the full-out move to binders can finally put an end to all that.  I can't tell you how many times I've organized and re-organized my monster boxes, only to have to completely re-do my filing when I find a 1000 count box I had overlooked, and when I frenziedly dig for cards for a last minute autograph signing, throwing entire years out of order.  Once the cards are in the binders, they can stay there.  It will allow me to take a thorough inventory of my doubles (and triples, octuples, etc), and sell, donate, or trade the extras that I don't have a use for.
The light at the end of the tunnel is near.  But it's this (hopefully) last, pronounced wait that is the most frustrating.  Hopefully a few weeks (months?) from now, I will have a glorious bookcase of binders neatly chronicling my collections.  Cause these piles sure are irritating.

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