Sunday, April 14, 2013

COMC Haul: Part 1

Last week I spend a few posts showing off the non-Pirate additions from my COMC's Spring Cleaning sale.  It took a little longer to get the larger, and frankly more important, parts of the shipment scanned.  In total I added 40 cards, all of which were of the shiny/signed/cloth variety.  I'm very happy with the prices I paid, and since I was able to spread the damage out over a few months, it made the financial blow feel a little less significant (though the grand haul didn't cost me much more than a trip to the card show would, or in blog-terms the price of a few blasters).

This Jason Bay patch card is probably my favorite addition of the entire order.  I've largely stayed away from relic cards unless they're dirt cheap in recent years.  But I'm a sucker for a nice patch card, and the black Pirate jersey with red trim is my second favorite Pirate jersey.  For $4.25, this card was a no brainer, even though it was the second most expensive of the bunch.

 So many things about this card feel so wrong: the excessively busy border, trapped horizontal mini card, sticker auto, tiny player photo.  But it's a card I've been wanting since the set came out, and though it seemed way cooler then than now, it's not something I come across very often.
 Matt Curry is probably in danger of losing his prospect status if he doesn't come up with a big 2013.  But just in case he does, I have a nice die cut rookie.  If he doesn't, I have a nice die cut rookie.
 This was the most expensive card of the order, and also the last purchased.  I've always thought the red ink autos were cool, but they're also a set that has attracted a few set builders.  It's the latter fact that largely caused this to come into my collection.  At $4.50, the card was a bit higher than what I consider it worth, but I had a few dollars left in my account, and I noticed that recent auctions for the Red Ink's were going for over $10 with shipping for common players.  With quite a few set collectors after this release, I figured this was probably my only shot to get this card at such a low price, so I bit.  It's actually the second '52 Red Ink Pirate auto I've picked up off COMC.
 Ugly sticker?  Check.  But for a little over a dollar,this one falls into the "well, I don't have it yet" category.
 I remember reading an article about the 98 Signature Series in an issue of Beckett from the late fall of that year that had an accompanying visual checklist of the released and unreleased cards in the set, and being in awe of the autographed awesomeness.  The idea of ever owning a certified autograph card was lightyears out of reach for me then.  This is a beautifully designed set, and Jose Guillen was nice enough to sign the card in the provided window in '98, unlike his '97 card that he signed along the side of the card.  For $2, this was a nostalgic no-brainer.
 A little less nostalgia on this one, but same idea.  These cards were going for around $10 at the time of release, and Walker is one of the more limited autos from Marquee.  For under $3, it felt great to cross this one off the want list.
 I had no idea these Sweet Spot wood parallels even existed.  The card looks amazing, and the wood grain is even more visible in person.  Way cooler than just a simple color change.

 Again, this is a card that had been on my want list for quite some time.  The 2006 All Star game was an amazing weekend, and I love the jersey/logo designs that were used for the game.  I've been wanting to build the set of these jersey cards for years, but this is actually the first of its kind I have acquired.
 Not much to see here, but for $.50 you can't go wrong with a numbered card of a HoF'er.
Topps apparently got confused what "gold" refractor meant for a few years.  These cards would have looked great if the Pirates were still wearing their early 70's mustard jerseys.  In a Spring Training jersey?  This card just looks hideous.

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