Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Patch Attack

Last night I posed about my onetime interest in game used cards over at Returned to Sender.  I won't rehash my extended thoughts on relic cards, but it's safe to say game used cards may be a gilded phenomenon whose time as come and gone.

But that doesn't do me much good for the large stack of game used cards I have.  But the silver lining here is that in looking through my small patch collection, I noticed some of these cards may have a home in my collection after all.  Sort of.

Quite a few of these patch cards that were no more than odds and ends pickups at the time have since turned into current or former Buccos. 

Are they Pirates?  No.  But since these players don't or likely never will have Pirate patch cards, these are unique pieces to add to the collection.  I don't actively seek cards of Pirate players in other uniforms, and I wouldn't say it's something I even collect.  But for cards that I already have, a sunken cost I probably could never recoup, they're worth far more to me staying in my collection

The Izturis patch is just flat our colorful, and looks amazing coupled with the blue and red colors on the card.  I enjoyed the blue/red color scheme the jays had throughout the 90's and early 00's, and I was pretty bummed out to see them ditch them for the hideous black/charcoal/blue color schemes that have thankfully been discarded.

A.J. Burnett has become a fan favorite in Pittsburgh.  But I actually was a big fan of his during his time with the Marilins.  I picked this card up as a trio of Marlin patches never in a million years thinking he would find himself in black and gold.  But definitely a cool card to have.
This card threw me for a loop when I first picked it up.  As you may be able to tell, the red/black color scheme didn't match the Brewers color scheme, nor that of any team Overbay had played for up to that point (2005).  A little digging concluded that the patch came from a Milwaukee Braves throwback jersey.  Given my love of throwback uniforms, it was a fun addition to my collection.

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