Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

I love throwbacks.  And I love Pittsburgh's Negro League history.

The club does a decent job recognizing the city's baseball history (though there's always room for improvement).  But one thing I always look forward to are the club's NNL throwback games.  Pacific has some great throwback photography in their '98 set (some of which you'll likely be seeing on some other blogs when appropriate pwe bombs are delivered), but these Grays photos are unquestionably my favorites.

I'm curious who the Pirates played on this day.  Without doing too much digging (well, any really), it would appear to be a team with one of the infamous cookie cutter stadiums, somewhere on the road since the outfield padding doesn't match Three Rivers' blue padding.  Add in that the club also would have had to had a NNL club at some point, and my money would be on St. Louis.

I may take some time to do some more research at some point.  But if anyone can solve the mystery in the mean time, it would certainly be welcomed.

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