Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ebay Robery, Part Deux

 In a continuation of this post, this lot just keeps on getting better.  Even more Topps Blacks, now with some Silk and Gold Mini cards sprinkled in.  All the big ticket cards aren't coming up until the third post, but this lot obviously fills some major holes in my collection.

The chance that most of these cards would have ever ended up in my collection is pretty slim.  I don't actively seek out the Black parallels, and my ebay player searches are usually limited to bigger name players who have a number of parallels and/or autos I might be interested in.  Spending time searching each week for Josh Rodriguez or Dana Eveland would likely turn up little to nothing of interest to me, so the rare occasions these cards might get listed would likely slip by me unnoticed.

Again, there isn't much to say here.  The players are uninspiring, but as I said the cards themselves were simply at too good of a price to pass up (under $2/card, which seems flat out ridiculous once you see the rest of the haul tomorrow), and while they're nice cards, I don't have any particular sentimental attachment to the players or cards.
 See yesterday's post for my heartwarming thoughts on Eveland.
 These are actually my first cards from last year's Topps Mini sets.  I imagine there are tons of these guys hiding out somewhere.  I just haven't seen them.
 This one is a little teaser for one of the big ticket items in post 3.  The silk cards seem to sell for far more than I think they're worth, but they're nice novelty items.
 Shortstop: A Black Hole Since 2009
 It was nice of Ludwick to start hitting again after leaving Pittsburgh.
 I just spent three minutes staring at this card trying to think of something - anything - to write.  The only thing I've come up with is that maybe I like the black border cards more than I thought.  Thoughts on Josh Rodriguez?  Still zero.
 Seriously, can we please get a shortstop?
Meek is one of the nicest guys in baseball I've come across.  Hopefully he can make his way back to the bigs at some point this season.

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