Friday, April 26, 2013

Draft Day Blues

This year's NFL draft class is undoubtedly the most talented in the history of the West Virginia Mountaineers.  Tavon Austin became the second highest player ever drafted from WVU.  But most of the focus right now is on Geno Smith, who unexpectedly slipped out of the first round.

Geno's fall was particularly tough to watch for me.  While I was at WVU, Geno was my student.  I got to know him a good bit over the course of the semester, and he was the exact opposite of the big school athlete stereotype.  He wasn't just a good student, but also an incredibly friendly, down to earth guy.  Obviously watching his draft stock fall on live national tv was tough to watch, especially since it was happening to a person I know and like.

His slide will probably lower his card prices a bit, making it a little easier to begin a collection of his cards.  But that's little consolation to seeing someone experience heartbreak on live television.  Hopefully Geno will land in a good situation wherever he goes, and I have little doubt he'll find some kind of success as a pro at some point. 

And I don't mind saying it's pretty cool to be able to say you taught an NFL qb.

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